Louth Tri Club

Our No 1 aim is to get people in the local community involved in Triathlon. We believe in providing top quality coaching across all 3 disciplines to people of every ability and experience, encouraging our members to go out and race, hit their own personal targets and come back proud of their achievements. Remember your first session is free : Get in touch and come along.


We are a small welcoming, fun and friendly triathlon club. We are here to support our members with coaching, information sharing, specific triathlon training and competition advice. Based predominantly at the Meridian Leisure Centre at Louth. We offer sessions in all things triathlon every day but Friday. We are also affiliated with CTT and EA additional benefit to our members. Our members come in all shapes, sizes and abilities from novices to experienced athletes. Click on ‘join the club’ in the top menu for more details on how to join and regularly check the website for details of beginner and taster day sessions.

Terms & Conditions of Membership

Membership fees are due in January of every year and you must fill out a new membership form each year to allow us to keep updated contact details, medical information and next of kin contact numbers. The club prohibits all convicted child sex offenders and also persons who are subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 (“on the sex offenders register”) from membership of this club or from taking part or assisting in events and meets organised by this club. Any prior criminal convictions must be discussed with the club Chairman on membership application.